Here are some interesting facts about Bamboo

 Ecological facts:

Bamboo is an evergreen plant that is part of the grass family, and it is pretty much the definition of sustainable. It can take up to 70 years for a tree to reach maturity, whereas some species of bamboo can grow as much 39″ in a single day. Some shoots have even been observed to grow 2″ in one hour. Bamboo grows extremely well in poor soil and as the plants grow they infuse the soil with nutrients. Oftentimes bamboo will be planted to rehabilitate degraded soil, allowing for future crops to thrive in the same area. It also doesn’t need to be replanted, it is self-generating and can be harvested for up to 3 years and a pole of bamboo can regenerate in as little as 6 months. Since the plant grows so quickly it is a renewable resource that can easily keep up with the demand of today’s consumer culture.


Thanks to its widespread root system and large canopy It is an effective erosion control plant (sustains river banks) and natural barrier (protects surrounding environment during typhoons). In addition to growing quickly bamboo consumes a very high rate of carbon dioxide and turns out a high rate of oxygen. All plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, bamboo does so in a much more efficient manner than other plants, and it converts dangerous greenhouse gases in our atmosphere into breathable air the process (Releases 35% more oxygen into the air than a tree of similar size). It also helps mitigate water pollution due to its high nitrogen consumption.

Since bamboo is natural it is also 100% biodegradable. The plant can break down in a safe and efficient way, meaning that once it is no longer needed it will not take up space in a landfill or need to go through a recycling process in order to be re-manufactured back into something useful. Bamboo will safely break down without causing harm to animals or habitats.

Performance facts:

Bamboo is not only one of the softest material you can find it is also extremely eco-friendly. One of the main advantages of bamboo towels, blankets or robes is that the material is more breathable than others. In fact, the combination of its hollow microfiber, and the plant’s natural ability to adjust to different temperatures makes it a great choice for any month of the year. Bamboo will help to naturally cool the body down during the summer, while its strong and close-knit fibres do a good job of retaining heat during the winter.

It has natural defences against pests, bacteria, and fungus therefore thrives naturally without using any pesticides or fertilizers. There has been a lot of independent research that indicates Bamboo is also antimicrobial in its natural state. This means it inhibits, or prevents the growth of microorganisms, like bacteria or fungus. Research has also shown that bamboo is 60 per cent better than cotton at blocking the sun’s UV rays. Ideal for consumers who are environmentally conscious and for baby and children’s sensitive skin.

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